About this blog

I have been battling with eczema pretty much since I can remember.
Along with my unstable skin condition, I also have asthma, nose allergies and a history of anxiety. My eczema flares up whenever my immune system is weak or if I am too stress.
I used to visit the hospital once every week and spent most my time trying new creams, new medicine and new treatments in my childhood and early teenager period.
I have been called a monster at school. People stayed away me thinking my skin condition was contagious. It was a horrible time but now I understand it was just the fear of the unknown.
I had a long time staying at home and with no motivation of anything. . Living in an Asian country whereas people are highly self conscious of their looks was really tough.  I was scared of being stared at. I would look at other girls and wished I have their skin instead.
I know a lot of people suffering from severe eczema, often hid away from the crowd and some even gave up their social life. I was one of them. However, one day I decided to wake up. I knew that with or without my eczema conditions, life has to be continued. There is no way I could escape from eczema as it is a part of me. Once i accepted myself, I was finally able to be confident in my own skin.
Hence, I wanted to let more people know about eczema. I wanted to share treatments that helped me. I wanted to send a message that, Don’t let eczema control you, you control eczema. There is nothing to be ashamed off.
You are beautiful in your own way, in your own skin.

Peace out xx